Commercial space on Calea Victoriei
Calea Victoriei, Bucuresti

Commercial space on Calea Victoriei

3,000,000 EUR +TVA
17,803 EUR / lună +TVA


Asymmetrical Art Deco building for living and shopping.

This is a project that highlights the vibe of the city centre: diverse, yet perfectly blended, sumptuous, yet modern, offering a space for passengers to come and go and for buildings to remain and shine, all in perfect harmony.
Where old meets new and I meet you.

Situated on maybe the most important commercial artery of Bucharest, Calea Victoriei, our project is an ode to the Art Deco style, with a playful take on volumes, textures and materials.

While the ground floor is well defined and dedicated to serve the commercial zest of the area, the two façades are designed differently, each blending in the style of the street they face, yet unifying in a common artistic expression and marking a smooth transition to the neighbouring historical buildings.
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  • Zona: Calea Victoriei
  • Suprafață utilă: 225.35 mp
  • Camere: 1
  • Regim Înălțime: parter
  • An Construcție: 2023
  • Front: 10 ml / nr fronturi
  • Disponibilitate: Imediat
  • Deschidere: 10 ml
  • Disponibilitate: Imediat
  • Locuri Parcare: 4/

Alte Informații

  • Pereti: Var/Huma
  • Utilitati: Curent, Apa, Canalizare, Gaz


Calea Victoriei, Bucuresti
Tel: 0215 557 796 whatsappwhatsapp